Generation Zero

Now available for purchase, Generation Zero chronicles and contextualizes the 20-year evolution of a first-world soccer nation. During much of the 1970s, the ascent of American soccer appeared inevitable. As recently as Nov. 18, 1989, however, it seemed impossible… Veteran journalist Hal Phillips has produced a riveting, exhaustively reported, engagingly personal narrative — the modern Creation epic that American soccer fans don’t know they have. The July 2022 release of GZ couldn’t be more timely: With World Cup 2022 set to kick off Nov. 21, with Major League Soccer newly partnered up with Apple TV and preparing to welcome franchises nos. 29 and 30, with the 2026 men’s World Cup to be contested in the United States, Mexico and Canada, American soccer is poised to assume an even bigger place in the sporting and cultural mainstream. For a century, this was considered a curiously soccer-indifferent nation. GZ answer the musical question, “How did we get here?”

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